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Top Ten Women’s Dress in India -

NO 1 - Kurtas & Kurtis.

No 2 - Sarees.

No 3 - Lehenga Cholis.

No 4 - Anarkali suit.

No 5 - Polos & T-Shirts.

No 6 - Jeans.

No 7 - Skirts.

No 8 - Jumpsuits.

No 9 - Maxi.

No 10 - Dupatta.

Top Ten Women’s Dress -

NO 1 - Kurtas & Kurtis –Kurtras and kurtis for girls and women are very highly in demand and also wear by most of India girls and this is a very common dress in India and all most every Indian girl like it.

No 2 - Sarees – Sarees is a very famous and common dress in India all most all Indian womens wear share everyday routines there is Variety Of Sarees like Party , Ceremonial, Festival, Wedding, Casual, Bridal etc.

No 3 - Lehenga Cholis -Lehenga Choli is also very famous dress in India that can change your appearance and give you real Indian look. Indian Lehenga is every Indian bridal dreams.

No 4 - Anarkali suit -The Anarkali suit also known as the churidar, frock-style top with leggings. Anarkali suits have like by every woman in India and every on girl women can also wear it and feel proud to be looking gorgeous.

No 5 - Polos & T-Shirts – Polos and t shirts also very famous in India many India sports girls women, working and office going also like to Polos and t-shirts because of comfort  and easy to wear so this is also famous in India.

No 6 - Jeans –Jeans is also very common dress in India all most every Indian girls and woman like to wear jeans in many occasion like going to office , market ,work and other sports so this is also famous in India .

No 7 - Skirts – Skirts is also wear by Indian girls and this is also very famous dress in India all most every girls wear it and going to school and college.

No 8 - Jumpsuits – Jumpsuits is also becomes in demand and also become famous in India girls like it to wear in many occasions like party traveling and other functions.

No 9 - Maxi –Maxi is also very common dress in India house wife’s, women’s, girls like to wear maxi in home party and others faction because if comfort, easy to wear and looks.

No 10 - Dupatta – Dupatta दुपट्टा also known as multi-purpose scarf that is use with women’s dress. Dupatta is also very famous dress in India this is multiparous in use by women’s and girls.